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01.09.2016 Published

S.A. Gusev, M.N. Drozdov, O.L. Ermolaeva et al.
"The modification of the structure of multilayer Co/Pt films by the irradiation with a focused helium ion beam"
AIP Conference Proceedings 1748, 030002 (2016)

01.11.2016 Published

E.A. Karashtin, A.A. Fraerman
"Influence of an Electric Field on the Ferromagnetic Resonance
in a Plane-Layered Magnetic System"
Physics of the Solid State, 2016, Vol. 58, No. 11, pp. 2228 (2016)

03.11.2016 Published

E. S. Demidov, N. S. Gusev, L. I. Budarin et al.
"Interlayer interaction in multilayer [Co/Pt]n/Pt/Co structures"
Journal of Applied Physics 120, 173901 (2016)

28.11.2017 Published

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