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Students' participation in the Project

We invite students to participate in the project devoted to investigation the magnetoelectric effects in synthetic nanostructures. Magnetoelectric effects in nanostructures is currently one of the most emerging fields of solid state physics. The reason for the interest to this field is the many different opportunities to apply these effects. There could be such applies as a new-generation random access memory for calculating machines, logic automates (processors) with enhanced efficiency, nanomotors (for targeted delivery the medicaments through the human body), nano-size emitters and receivers of the electromagnetic radiation etc. To create such devices, the deep understanding of magnetoelectric effects in synthetic nanostructures and lots of fundamental theoretical and experimental investigations is required. 

The unique fundamental investigations of magnetoelectric effects in synthetic systems are being carried out under this project. Participating in the project will introduce to you the most innovative modern investigations in solid state physics, develop your skills of working on the modern scientific equipment and give you fundamental theoretical knowledge in magnetic nanostructures physics. The project is being carried out on the base of the Institute for Physics of Microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Students selection is constantly going since September 1 to October 31, 2016.

World-level investigations in one of the most topical fields of solid state physics

Work in a collective of scientists, that is using the modern experimental equipment and have publications in the top scientific journals of the world

Implementation of the theoretical and experimental courseworks

Workplace in IPM RAS

Opportunity of the internship in France, to the Prof. Deni’s school — recognized world-level expert in magnetic nanostructures

You may ask all your questions about this project
Udalov, Oleg, tel. 417-94-88,, IPM RAS, r.121
Fraerman, Andrey, tel. 417-94-51,, IPM RAS, r.111